by Cazzie Jetson

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Cazzie Jetson releases “$EMINOLE”, a song detailing the line between being sane and sticking to your roots, and being wild and falling into the lights of fame and fortune. “$EMINOLE” is the first single to his upcoming project “ACHILLES”.

“$EMINOLE” is a cover of THC’s instrumental “Now Dream”.


(Verse 1)

Money in my hand and my life the same
Erbody ask how I like the fame-
Idk what to tell you , tell you
Cuz I'm slightly sane
I'm slightly Wayne but I'm slightly Bane-
Falling out the sky like John McCain/
These niggas all remind me of House M-D how they slang the cane/

(cash rules everything around me, thanks to the government dollar dollar bill y'all)
Student loans keep calling niggas
Think I'm broke but I'm ballin nigga/
Typical line
From typical guy
That kinda grew up wild
Like in a Seminole tribe/
Erbody hates when you make you the team
And talk shit to y'all but act fake with me/
I say


Do what you say right now
Niggas know how we get down
Even though idk how
We gone make it if we stay down

(So we say)

Don't stop get it get it
(We in this bitch yelling)
(x 4)

(Verse 2)

All is I know is this shit better pop off
Or I'm gonna pop off and lose it-
This illegal substance I abuse it
That's one path I can take if I choose it/

I put my life in this music
Take one break
They want new shit-
Girls favorite my retweets now
Don't blame me for my hubris/

They said you can get you all type of girls
If you get some coke and then deal it/
But I left my city then balled out
So I Will and Uncle Phil'd it/

I'm a king in a peasant's body-
Got the whole team beside me-
And they say don't leave church behind me-
Jesus' light is shining
So I got some diamonds.../


Do what you say right now
Niggas know how we get down

Fuck a P.O.
And fuck a piss test

I feel like a seminole wit a semi on my hip
Always on that shit
Purple in this bitch


Purple in this Bitch


released September 2, 2013
Prod. THC

"$EMINOLE" contains samples of the recording "4-Page Letter" as performed by Aaliyah



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